Why Azealia Banks is longer shocking

9 Dec


In a world where Rihanna gets her nips out daily, Kim Kardashian poses nude on the cover of magazines, and Miley Cyrus gyrates naked on a wrecking ball, smokes weed on stage and then bares her labia majora in multiple photoshoots, it’s fair to say there’s very little celebs can do to shock us.

But acid-tongued New Yorker Azaelia Banks has always managed to come up trumps, saying all a manner of crazy things and insulting everyone from Lady Gaga to The Stone Roses in the process. Known for using the N-word liberally and the F-word unapologetically, Banks has managed to call Lily Allen’s family ugly, accuse Pharrell of a “light skin comeback” and tell Rita Ora she was Rihanna’s understudy.

Her latest tirade directed at arguably the hottest mainstream female rapper of the moment, Iggy Azalea, didn’t disappoint. Criticising ‘Iggy Iggz’ on her silence on the Ferguson situation, Banks decided to let rip on her appropriation of black culture but not the black cause…. Except she didn’t quite put it like that did she? Instead, all Bank’s rant came down to was a strange desire to throw urine in the rapper’s face.

While it bores me to tears to hear people reduce all black culture to four things: talking ‘black’; acting ‘black’; liking ‘black’ music and essentially having a large posterior, it is worth noting how readily the mainstream take on certain aspects of black culture when wrapped in a nice, globally-acceptable package.

But SURELY we are beyond the point where the above needs to define us as people? Sure, Banks may be miffed and frankly more than a bit jealous to see Iggy Azalea, a white Australian artist, become the next big thing in rap music, but does this make her the embodiment of all that is wrong with the world? These two rappers may sort of share half a stage name, but it’s clear there’s no love lost between them.

Though Azealia could have offered up some noteworthy observations on attitudes towards race and identity, once again she simply reduced herself to name calling and wishing to assert violence or humiliation on the person she attacked. She came across as a silly, ignorant child with no manners, no sense of decorum and certainly, no real way of expressing the semblance of an intelligent thought she may have had in her head.

Banks won’t be silencing herself anytime soon, but quite frankly who could ever take what she has to say seriously? Her rants have become as ubiquitous as RiRi’s nips, as kommon (don’t forget the Kardashian K) as Kim’s behind and as overexposed as Miley’s… Everything and she’s therefore completely lost her shock factor.

What’s worse, Banks as a whole had so much promise. She could have been hailed as a gorgeous and talented female in the music business, which so often fails to produce role models for dark-skinned girls. But her systematic alienation or self-coined “Azealiaing” of almost everyone around her, only renders her mute and serves to raise concern for her mental well being.

And who did she turn to when she’s ran out of people who cared?

Why, vegans of course.


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